You Can’t Judge a Home by Its Cover

In 2013 I found out my husband and I were pregnant with baby number three. To say we were surprised by this news would be an understatement, but that’s a story for another day. My husband and I quickly decided
our current 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath split level was no longer going to work for our growing family
so we placed our home on the market. The home sold in just 3 days!

So, Yipee, we sold our house! Three days is super fast to sell a home and we were thrilled but
left wondering where in the world- ok, not world, just Northern Baltimore County, we were
we going to live. There was little inventory in the Spring of 2013. We looked at a fair
number of houses and lost out on two homes in bidding wars. We were feeling stuck and living
with my parents- so much fun when you have two kids under three sleeping on the floor with
you and your spouse in your childhood bedroom. Consequently, we broadened our search and
went to see a home we had driven passed and sneered at from our car. The outside of the
home left a lot to be desired, but when we walked through the interior, we  loved the
“bones” the home had to offer. We bought the house — a beautiful traditional Colonial.  It was not really our style from the outside, but now the house we sneered at from our car was all ours. Whoop, whoop!

Fast forward nearly two years later and we are still sitting pretty and enjoying our colonial. We have
thought about selling and moving to a home more suited to our taste but we love our
neighborhood and the schools and we aren’t willing to give them up. Recently  I began
researching and found the list is limitless with what you can do to the exterior of a colonial to
give it nice detail and a more modern flair. I have found that we can take this home that really
isn’t our ideal exterior and literally make it the home of our dreams. My husband and I have always
wanted a wrap around front porch, think ceiling fans, rocking chairs, and dormers . Both, to
our surprise, are easy additions to our home.

The lesson from all this: You can’t judge a home by it’s current front appearance. You have to look
past what can be seen and have a vision for what could be. Find a great Realtor with an eye for design
and a home’s potential. Take the home search outside your comfort zone to include properties
that might push your boundaries a bit and you might just find your “colonial”. Happy searching!

– Katie Ainsley, REALTOR