The Five UNCOMFORTABLE Things You Can Do to Sell Your Home

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With the fall market quickly approaching, it is very important to keep a couple of things in mind as you are preparing to sell your home. There are the typical items that you will hear from the agent that is trying to get your listing like paint, de-clutter, and stage. But there are some additional things that sellers can do to increase their chances of making their home #1 on a buyers list.

Here are the more uncomfortable items:

  1. Price correctly FROM THE BEGINNING – the agents you are interviewing are the professionals. Remember that. They analyzed your home in an objective way compared to the other houses in your area. Take phrases like “push the market,” and “lets just start here, and see if we get any bites” out of your conversation. Know that buyers already have the information and if by chance they don’t, appraisers do. You will not be fooling anyone into paying above market value for your home. If a listing agent is willing to market your home for $50,000 higher than the comparable sales in your neighborhood, be aware that you are in for a major reality check.
  2. Get a home inspection – sellers are doing this more and more. Having a home inspection report completed prior to listing your home will do a couple of things: 1) make you aware of and give you a head-start on repairing items that are deemed defective and would need to be addressed during the transaction anyway; and 2) give your buyer and their agent peace of mind that the inspection process should be smooth and nothing will come to light that would make the deal fall through because of inspection items. This is also an opportunity to address smaller items on the list that will make your home perform better on the market like caulking, fixing loose rails, leaky faucets, etc.
  3. Get an appraisal – This may sound crazy, but if you are really struggling to find the right price for your home, take this step ahead of time so you know where the value will come in on your home. You do not have to make this information available to the buyers.
  4. Make your home easily accessible to show – do not demand several days’ notice, or a half-hour showing window, or that you be there to let the buying agent in. This makes buyers uncomfortable. We know this is an inconvenience in your life, but it is necessary. Now, please go back and read this point again.
  5. Remember the big picture – Always keep a “win-win” mentality when negotiating the terms of the offer/contract you receive. There are a lot of things that need to happen between getting a ratified contract and the closing table and it is important that both sides work together throughout the entire process.

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