Moving to a House With Acreage? Six People You Should Get To Know

When Tim and I moved to our current home, we were living in a townhome that was part of a condo association. The association took care of the exterior maintenance, landscaping, and snow removal for us. The problem was that it was on a loud street, and we wanted some peace and quiet. So for that reason (and many others), we decided to make the move to a single family on a pretty large home site.

What an amazing change it was: quiet, better area, a bigger house, and grass. A LOT OF GRASS. What we quickly realized is that with a baby and a business, there is only so much you can do yourself. And for everything else, you need a “guy.”

Here are the people you need to find if you’re are planning on making a move to a single family home and have found that you can’t do it all…

  1. A trusted handyman – We found a “jack of all trades” who is very fairly priced, extraordinarily reliable and trustworthy (he has a key to my house). He even puts up with my five-year-old son who every time he sees his truck pull in, runs to get his “tools” to help….
  2. A landscaper and/or tree company – Having a large property is great for so many reasons, but I’ll tell you… it is time consuming. Tim cuts the lawn, but we have a landscaper and tree guy out on a regular basis to clean up beds, take care of fallen trees and limbs, and to treat the grass.
  3. Plumber and electrician – This is for any house, and its great to have a couple of each to go to when something unexpected happens.
  4. Well and water quality company – It is an absolute necessity for the heath of your family to have your well water checked routinely. If you are on well water you should have a neutralizer, filter, and ideally a Reverse Osmosis (RO) system to purify your drinking water.

FYI: the average cost for a modern full water treatment system is $3,000-$4,000.

  1. Septic company – Septic tanks need to be pumped and inspected every 2-4 years. Fail to do this, and you could have a big, big problem on your hands (and in your yard).
  2. Painter – You always want to have a great painter for interior items as well as exterior stuff, like shutters, trim, and any other wooden exterior items. Remember that paying a professional to climb a ladder is often worth the insurance for you not to do it yourself.

Once we got our “go-to” guys in place, it became very manageable and allowed us more time to really enjoy where we live. And of course, my references are available if you need “a guy.”