Making Your Home “Meticulous”

I walk through a lot of houses. A LOT. And as a buyer’s agent, one thing that always sticks out to me (and my clients) are homes that are maintained in a “meticulous” manner.  I put that word in quotes because it is a step above everything else. If you can stick that word on your house when you are selling it, you will command MORE MONEY in a SHORTER AMOUNT OF TIME than if your house was just up kept. There is definitely a difference and a good buyer’s agent will always point that out to their clients. In addition to putting more money in your pocket at closing, you will have an easier home inspection, more confident buyers, and an overall smoother transaction. If you are contemplating selling your home at any point, this list is a must read. Follow these tips and you can take your home to the “meticulous” level…


When walking through a home that is cluttered, buyers are so distracted by “stuff.” The conversation quickly goes from focusing on the features of the home to the seller’s personal style or taste. I explain it to sellers like this: You want your home to create an aspirational feeling to buyers when they walk through it. They should be thinking that if they lived in this house, they could be this organized, this much fun, better chefs, etc. So clean out the junk drawer, the storage areas, the closets, and the garage. Donate and organize. And for goodness sakes, clear off the countertops.


A couple of times a year I go around my house and property and make a punch list. These are basic upkeep items that you need to keep on top of, or you can quickly fall very far behind. Little problems have a very tricky way of becoming big problems (if you get my drift…). I have a trusted handyman and landscaper come over for a couple of days to knock everything out, but if you are a DIY-type, more power to you (just make sure its done right)!

Interior items include:

  • caulking
  • paint and dry wall touch up
  • check all fixtures and plumbing supply lines for leaks
  • check fire and carbon monoxide detectors
  • re-grout around re-caulk around bathtubs

Exterior Items include:

  • repair any cracked or peeling paint, rotted trim, cracked walkways, brick mortar, etc.
  • schedule a/c service appointment
  • remove old paint cans and flammables
  • power wash exterior of home and outdoor living areas
  • check exterior doors and windows for weather stripping
  • clean all screens and light fixtures
  • landscape and removal of dead or diseased trees
  • schedule well and septic inspections (if applicable) 


Once all of the maintenance items are addressed, a deep clean is imperative to take your house to the “meticulous” level. Warning: you may need to get the Q-tips out!

Besides the basics of vacuum, laundry and dishes, bathrooms, and dusting, this is the time to take care of the following:

  • clean appliances and garbage disposal (crushed iced sharpens and citrus rinds clean)
  • wash all windows inside and out, including sills
  • steam clean all floors including carpeting
  • wipe down all baseboard and ceiling moldings, ceiling fans, and blinds
  • clean out pantry and wipe down all cabinetry inside and out
  • clean furniture

And that’s how to have a meticulous home! Remember, your home is your biggest asset and properly caring for it is the only way to truly protect your investment.

– Paige Kenney, REALTOR