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Baltimore City CHAP Tax Credit – What You Need to Know

It is no secret that Baltimore City has the highest property taxes within the state of Maryland. At a combined 2.36% of assessed property value, the tax bill for a home in Canton, Federal Hill, Fells Point or any of the city’s other historic districts can be eye opening. To help offset the tax burden, the city offers various credits to property owners. Of them, the CHAP credit is arguably the biggest and most beneficial but occasionally misunderstood. In short, CHAP stands for “Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation” and was established in 1964 by the City of Baltimore. The commission’s mission is “The CHAP Mission is to enhance and… Read more »

The Five UNCOMFORTABLE Things You Can Do to Sell Your Home

With the fall market quickly approaching, it is very important to keep a couple of things in mind as you are preparing to sell your home. There are the typical items that you will hear from the agent that is trying to get your listing like paint, de-clutter, and stage. But there are some additional things that sellers can do to increase their chances of making their home #1 on a buyers list. Here are the more uncomfortable items: Price correctly FROM THE BEGINNING – the agents you are interviewing are the professionals. Remember that. They analyzed your home in an objective way compared to the other houses in your… Read more »

What Is My Canton Home Worth?

It’s almost daily that I am asked this question by a prospective seller.  In a neighborhood like Canton, where you can see a home that sold for $600,000 directly next door to a home that sold the month before for $150,000, this is a great question.  What I will attempt to do on this blog post is to answer this question based on the top factors that determine price in Southeast Baltimore’s sought after waterfront neighborhood of Canton. Got Width? — This is possibly the most significant factor is determining the pre-renovated or post renovated value in a Canton home.  You can always make the home deeper by placing a… Read more »

Making Your Home “Meticulous”

I walk through a lot of houses. A LOT. And as a buyer’s agent, one thing that always sticks out to me (and my clients) are homes that are maintained in a “meticulous” manner.  I put that word in quotes because it is a step above everything else. If you can stick that word on your house when you are selling it, you will command MORE MONEY in a SHORTER AMOUNT OF TIME than if your house was just up kept. There is definitely a difference and a good buyer’s agent will always point that out to their clients. In addition to putting more money in your pocket at closing,… Read more »

How Drones are Changing Real Estate

  Drones or unmanned aerial systems (UAS) are the latest tech innovation that real estate agents are leveraging to help market and sell homes quickly. The aerial photographs and video footage shot by a drone can give potential buyers a visual perspective that traditional photography cannot provide. With all of the stories in the news lately about drones, we thought it might be helpful to capture some of the benfits, and answer a few questions, about how we’re using drone photography and video to help our clients sell their homes quickly. The ability to see the big picture Drones have the ability to capture all the external details of a… Read more »

Changes Coming to Canton Real Estate in 2015

Canton has been one of Baltimore’s hottest residential markets for over a decade. The scheduled and potential development slated for this year indicates that it is a hot spot for the the commercial market as well. With commercial property vacancy well below 10 percent, there is a definite demand for space in Canton. Companies located here are growing leaving potential new tenants with very few options. The area’s continued popularity can be attributed to its close proximity to 95  and its mix of urban and now suburban, with the Shops at Canton Crossing, amenities. 2015 is projected to be an active year for the area with developers proposing various types… Read more »