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Five Things To Look For In A Home

As a buyers’ agent, I am in different homes almost every day of the week. My clients, on the other hand, are not … they see what I show them. And it’s very difficult from pictures to really understand the home. So once you actually tour the home, here are some guidelines of what you should really be looking for: Location, Location, Location … I know its cliché, but the saying is true. Buying in the best possible location is the way to truly protect your investment. Look for schools, property history and turnover rates. Quality of the Property … once you have found the best location for you, take… Read more »

Baltimore City CHAP Tax Credit – What You Need to Know

It is no secret that Baltimore City has the highest property taxes within the state of Maryland. At a combined 2.36% of assessed property value, the tax bill for a home in Canton, Federal Hill, Fells Point or any of the city’s other historic districts can be eye opening. To help offset the tax burden, the city offers various credits to property owners. Of them, the CHAP credit is arguably the biggest and most beneficial but occasionally misunderstood. In short, CHAP stands for “Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation” and was established in 1964 by the City of Baltimore. The commission’s mission is “The CHAP Mission is to enhance and… Read more »

The Maryland Grand Slam Program

The Maryland Grand Slam Program Governor Hogan announced yesterday the Maryland “Grand Slam” home buyers incentives through the Maryland Mortgage Program (MMP). This is a fantastic opportunity for those who want to buy a home in the city but are still sitting on the sidelines because they just don’t have the funds to close on a home quite yet. Synopsis: $5000 MMP grant $2500 additional City grant .25% lower interest rate from published MMP rates Tax credit fee waived Buyer qualifications follow standard MMP guidelines YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A FIRST-TIME HOME BUYER TO QUALIFY! If you would like to find out more information, please contact us… Read more »

You Can’t Judge a Home by Its Cover

In 2013 I found out my husband and I were pregnant with baby number three. To say we were surprised by this news would be an understatement, but that’s a story for another day. My husband and I quickly decided our current 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath split level was no longer going to work for our growing family so we placed our home on the market. The home sold in just 3 days! So, Yipee, we sold our house! Three days is super fast to sell a home and we were thrilled but left wondering where in the world- ok, not world, just Northern Baltimore County, we were we going to live. There was little inventory in the Spring of 2013…. Read more »

Moving to a House With Acreage? Six People You Should Get To Know

When Tim and I moved to our current home, we were living in a townhome that was part of a condo association. The association took care of the exterior maintenance, landscaping, and snow removal for us. The problem was that it was on a loud street, and we wanted some peace and quiet. So for that reason (and many others), we decided to make the move to a single family on a pretty large home site. What an amazing change it was: quiet, better area, a bigger house, and grass. A LOT OF GRASS. What we quickly realized is that with a baby and a business, there is only so… Read more »

Chimney Inspections: What You Need to Know

Are you buying a home with a fireplace? Have you had the chimney inspected? The majority of homeowners actually skip scheduling a separate chimney inspection when buying their homes. They rely on the general property inspection alone, and in our opinion, that is a mistake. A chimney inspection is more extensive and thorough and will identify ways to improve your fireplace’s performance as well as lessen the chances of a chimney fire and carbon monoxide issues. The Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends that your chimney be inspected when purchasing your home and once a year thereafter. An inspection can alert you to blockages, creosote build up or defects in… Read more »

Changes Coming to Canton Real Estate in 2015

Canton has been one of Baltimore’s hottest residential markets for over a decade. The scheduled and potential development slated for this year indicates that it is a hot spot for the the commercial market as well. With commercial property vacancy well below 10 percent, there is a definite demand for space in Canton. Companies located here are growing leaving potential new tenants with very few options. The area’s continued popularity can be attributed to its close proximity to 95  and its mix of urban and now suburban, with the Shops at Canton Crossing, amenities. 2015 is projected to be an active year for the area with developers proposing various types… Read more »