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Five Things To Look For In A Home

As a buyers’ agent, I am in different homes almost every day of the week. My clients, on the other hand, are not … they see what I show them. And it’s very difficult from pictures to really understand the home. So once you actually tour the home, here are some guidelines of what you should really be looking for: Location, Location, Location … I know its cliché, but the saying is true. Buying in the best possible location is the way to truly protect your investment. Look for schools, property history and turnover rates. Quality of the Property … once you have found the best location for you, take… Read more »

The Five UNCOMFORTABLE Things You Can Do to Sell Your Home

With the fall market quickly approaching, it is very important to keep a couple of things in mind as you are preparing to sell your home. There are the typical items that you will hear from the agent that is trying to get your listing like paint, de-clutter, and stage. But there are some additional things that sellers can do to increase their chances of making their home #1 on a buyers list. Here are the more uncomfortable items: Price correctly FROM THE BEGINNING – the agents you are interviewing are the professionals. Remember that. They analyzed your home in an objective way compared to the other houses in your… Read more »

Moving to a House With Acreage? Six People You Should Get To Know

When Tim and I moved to our current home, we were living in a townhome that was part of a condo association. The association took care of the exterior maintenance, landscaping, and snow removal for us. The problem was that it was on a loud street, and we wanted some peace and quiet. So for that reason (and many others), we decided to make the move to a single family on a pretty large home site. What an amazing change it was: quiet, better area, a bigger house, and grass. A LOT OF GRASS. What we quickly realized is that with a baby and a business, there is only so… Read more »

Making Your Home “Meticulous”

I walk through a lot of houses. A LOT. And as a buyer’s agent, one thing that always sticks out to me (and my clients) are homes that are maintained in a “meticulous” manner.  I put that word in quotes because it is a step above everything else. If you can stick that word on your house when you are selling it, you will command MORE MONEY in a SHORTER AMOUNT OF TIME than if your house was just up kept. There is definitely a difference and a good buyer’s agent will always point that out to their clients. In addition to putting more money in your pocket at closing,… Read more »